Tips Before Giving Your Home a Makeover

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could make over your entire home and transform it into your dream house? We see this happen all the time on home makeover shows, and we wish we could do the same to our own homes. However, most people don’t have the enormous budgets needed to dramatically transform their home. If your home needs a makeover, but you are working on a budget, you’ll need to make wise choices and investments.

Here are a few things to consider before giving your home a makeover:

Consider Upgrading One Room at a Time

If you don’t have the budget to redo your entire home, you can simply focus on one room at a time, starting with the most important and most frequently used rooms in your home: your kitchen and your bathroom. Renovating your kitchen or bathroom can increase the functionality of your home while also boosting its resale value. It doesn’t need to be a major renovation project. In fact, simply installing freestanding sinks from Badeloft can make a difference.

A freestanding sink in your guest bathroom can give it a luxurious new look. If you have the space, you can install a freestanding tub in your master bathroom so you can relax and unwind with a nice, warm bath after a long, hard day. Bathtubs and sinks by Badeloft are all made from high quality stone resin, a lightweight yet durable material that features a naturally refined and elegant look. You can also customize them by choosing different finishes and fixtures. For more bathroom ideas and handy installation guides, visit the Badeloft website.

Consider Your Flooring

If you still have grubby old wall-to-wall carpeting in your home, it may be high time for an upgrade. Wall-to-wall carpeting can look very outdated, not to mention it can be difficult to maintain and can cause allergies and skin irritations if you don’t regularly clean it properly. Updating your flooring will give you a surefire return on investment, as well as make your home that much easier to keep clean and maintain.

Hardwood flooring probably has the best resale value, as it is durable, low-maintenance, and gorgeous to look at. The downside is that genuine hardwood floors can be quite pricey. If you’re working on a tight budget and can’t quite afford oak or maple floors, you can install faux hardwood flooring instead. It is just as durable as the real thing, looks almost as beautiful, and costs a fraction of the price to install. Choose your new flooring carefully before you make a big purchase. Shop around and compare prices, and weigh the pros and cons of each material you consider before you buy.

Think About Finishing Your Basement

If you’ve been using your basement for storage or unwanted items, you might be ignoring a whole additional room for your home. You could turn it into an extra bedroom, guest room, entertainment room or recreational space, which would significantly increase the resale value of your home, as a finished basement adds to the square footage of your home. If you decide to finish your basement, consider also adding at least half a bath to it. This would increase its functionality and again, add to the resale value of your home.

These are just some of the most practical things to think about before giving your home a makeover. When upgrading your home on a budget, plenty of careful planning and research is key. Arm yourself with information and make careful decisions so you can get the home of your dreams without spending all your savings.