Teaching Your Kids Not To Waste Starts With The Straw!

Kids these days will do as they are taught and will soak up the environment around them. So, whatever you do as a parent, just remember your kids are watching and learning. If you litter, your kids will think it’s okay to. If you swear, your kids will swear. It’s a simple trend. And with that trend in mind you can imagine why so many people grow up thinking it’s okay to simply toss out wasteful items such as plastics into the oceans and into other areas of our planet that can be damaging.

One of the most wasted items is the straw. Plastic one-off straws are just a total waste, and that is why governments around the world have started to ban various forms of plastics from being used, such as the straw.

Well, now there is a simple solution on the market to help you as a parent teach your child how not to waste, but still be able to do things like “normal”. The Straw – yes, a easy to remember name – is a non-plastic reusable straw that not only looks cool, but won’t harm the environment, and will allow you to not waste while keeping yourself and family safe from COVID-19 and other germs by knowing exactly where your straw has been.

The mastermind behind this item that is a must have is Bert Balas, and we spoke to him more in-depth about why everyone should have The Straw in their bags, pockets, etc….

  1. Why is it so important to teach our kids about the environment and not using wasteful items like single-use plastic straws? 

Raising children is a great responsibility, but also a very rewarding experience. Just as we teach them how to take care of themselves and treat others with kindness and respect, we should be showing them how to take care of this planet we all depend on. As human beings are habitual by nature, it would be beneficial to learn these things at a young age rather than changing habits later in life. The world population is fast approaching 8 billion and the environmental impacts from our lifestyles are becoming more noticeable by the day. Many Countries, Governments, companies and individuals are doing their part to reduce damage done to the environment and make changes to leave behind a better world for the next generations to come.

The state of the environment and the impacts we have on it will be something that requires continuous improvement and innovations throughout time. Educating children on these matters at a young age not only promotes a greater standard for environmental stuardism, but also brings new fresh perspectives to the problem. You might be surprised by some of the solutions your child comes up with to combat climate change and overall, make the world a better place. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more you grow.

  1. How does The Straw help children and parents with those teachings in mind?

The Straw is a great tool to start teaching children about reusable alternatives to single-use products. Taking care and responsibility for a product that eliminates the need for wasteful items such as a single-use straw can be a gateway into other environmentally friendly practices. The Straw has been designed to inspire a sustainable future by creating new habits and carrying an everyday personal item that reminds us that every small change we make is a step closer to a sustainable future.

Please note that The Straw is a stainless steel straw that should be used with care. We do not recommend this product for children under the age of 8 and suggest adult supervision at your own discretion.

  1. How has your own family taken to The Straw and its recent success?

Everyone in my family has The Straw and uses it regularly. My son is grown up and lives on his own but also carries The Straw with him as well. We have some younger families on our team who have also adopted The Straw. I’ve heard some of the children have taken great ownership of The Straw and love having their own reusable straw to take care of and help the environment.

  1. With COVID-19 a hot topic, it seems The Straw is a product everyone must have for their families! Have you gotten a lot of responses/feedback on this topic?

COVID-19 definitely presents problems of its own, beyond the environment. We have had lots of feedback from people that appreciate having their own portable reusable straw for the fact that they know who has touched and cleaned it. With the spread of this virus and now many businesses open to the public, there is an opportunity to enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurants. Taking proper precautions during these times is essential to keeping the numbers down and using your own personal reusable straw is just one more way you can protect yourself.

  1. Will you be designing any other products in the future that are environmentally friendly?

The Straw is definitely the first environmentally friendly product of many to come. I believe one of the greatest challenges we face in creating a sustainable future is with the solutions we have available. We hope to create products that provide value, promote a sustainable future, and create a wonderful user experience!

  1. Where can people buy The Straw?

The Straw is currently available on our website at www.thestraw.shop with great summer discounts available for a limited time. We also offer a 14 day money back guarantee and stand behind the quality of our product with a lifetime warranty! We are also working with Amazon and will be available on their platform very soon.