Know About Child Support Laws in Virginia Before You Apply

Parents support is essential for children in terms of money, encouragement, etc. According to the legal rules of Virginia, both the parents who are married and divorced have to provide their support to kids. That is, each parent is responsible to cover some percentage of amounts to support the child.

They include dental and health care and other essential needs. This order will be issued by either a court or social services in Virginia. How much you have to pay and who have to pay depends on a lot of factors. Hiring an attorney for child support will help you to know more about the laws.

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The following is some information that helps you in getting a clear idea about child support laws.

When you can file for a child support?

In case, you are a guardian or parent, you can apply for child support in the following conditions:

  • If you are a legal guardian or parent of the child and you have custody over him/her.
  • In case you have custody with another parent too.
  • In case you have lawful interest in child like a grandparent or relative.
  • In case, your kid is above 18 years, but you received child support order before he/she turned 18.

Guidelines to calculate child support payment

These guidelines are just a formula to calculate the payment for child support. For this, you have to know about both parents’ income and number of kids. If your earnings are $35,000, then you have to pay $350 to $450. If your earnings are over $35,000, then you have to give additional percentage to support your child.

Mostly, child support cases will come to court because one of the parents will not support or disagree to pay or take care of a child. To apply for child support, you should have a valid photo Id, security number, and others.

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