Inducing a Safe Sleep Environment for Your Tiny One – Tips and Tricks

If you’re a new parent struggling to keep up with your little one’s sleep schedule, you must have noticed by now that baby sleep habits can be quite baffling, which can actually turn your life upside down. Whether it is the insanely nocturnal schedule of the newborn, or an older baby who just wouldn’t get settled, the results are always the same: a sleep-deprived parent who is desperate for just a little bit of relief.

So, what’s a parent to do? Understanding how, why, and when babies sleep can actually make it a lot easier for you to decide as well as devise the best sleep strategies for your little one. Going through the strange world of baby sleep patterns along with some effective baby sleep tips listed below are all you need for your peace of mind!

Declutter To Sleep Better

First things first, it is important to make sure that your child’s room is clean and absolutely free of clutter. A messy and cluttered room not only distracts you with innumerable reminders of to-dos but also triggers a lot more excitatory sensory input, thereby, slowing the body’s transition to relaxation and sleep. A fresh and clean space has a decidedly calming effect, which can actually help your child ease into a state of sleepiness.

Practice Calm And Relaxation

Bathing your little one with the best natural baby wash is yet another essential thing to keep in mind. It not only makes them feel clean but also keeps them fresh throughout the day so that falling asleep at night is not much of a task. It is also extremely important to ensure that going to bed is a calm and peaceful experience for your toddler. However, many parents mostly use bedtime as a punishment for bad choices or misbehaviour. This consequence, in turn, may make kids develop a negative association with bedtime, and hence, they may refuse to go to bed or worse, fall asleep.

After all, who would want to hit the bed to relax in a place that reminds them of the last time they fell in trouble! Parents must strive to develop a positive association with bedtimes, bedrooms as well as sleep.

Why Rocking your Baby & Singing Lullabies Really Can Work

Cortisol is one hormone that keeps children all revved up and ready to go. So, making children feel sleepy may require decreasing their level of cortisol. And in order to decrease cortisol, you must calm their senses.

Singing a lullaby to your little one or even simply rocking your baby are two of the most effective and best-known calming techniques. However, any type of sensory soothing can work. Creating and following a schedule while also using calming techniques should be all that you need in order to ensure a sufficient sleepyhead! Helping your baby sleep on time is like taking one step towards getting yourself a good night’s sleep as well.

Infant Baby Massage

Infants who are massaged by their parents before bed tend to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and for longer than usual. So, for all you tired moms and dads out there, using organic olive oil for baby massage can actually work wonders and cut down on most of your worries!

Massaging your little one with‘s incredible range of certified organic baby oil, which is the purest blend of six organic oils like almond, olive, jojoba, sesame, argan, safflower, and Vitamin E not only nourishes your little one’s sensitive skin, but also makes them feel a lot more relaxed and happy. Using organic oil to massage your babies before going to sleep can also help avoid sleep interruptions due to unforeseen irritation, rashes and the likes!

While you can’t force a child to fall asleep at your command, there are quite a few things mentioned above, which can soften the bed. If you’re one of those parents who have been waiting day and night for that one blissful break from dirty diapers and too many dishes on the sink, applying these little tips and tricks can actually make your little one willingly unwind at the end of the day when you want them to!