How to Choose Skin Care Products for a Baby

When it comes to purchasing skin care products for your baby, it is important to buy tried and tested items that have been rigorously screened to ensure safety. Your baby’s skin is extremely delicate and should never be exposed to skin care products which are designed for adults. Some of these products contain preservatives and other substances which could do real damage to a baby’s skin. If you want to choose something effective, read through this article for great tips.

Made for Babies

When buying products for your baby, you should always look for items which are specifically designed for babies. Baby skin must be cleaned, moisturised and massaged on a regular basis. All these tasks must be done using baby friendly products. Babies skin is susceptible to dryness and it won’t react well to products which are meant for adults. Any business that specialises in baby soap production (called ผลิต สบู่ in Thai) and other skin care products will tell you that using anything other than baby friendly products on your baby’s skin will cause problems. Baby skincare products are milder, and they contain less irritants than adult products.

Read the Ingredients

Never choose any skin care items which contain parabens or any other strong ingredients. If it contains any strong chemicals or alcohol, it could easily irritate their skin. A baby with itchy, irritated skin won’t be happy and you’ll find it very hard to settle them. In addition, make sure the baby product doesn’t contain any parabens, which are used in all kinds of cosmetic products. If you aren’t sure about spotting harmful chemicals, look for anything that ends in ‘phalate’, it you see these words on the label, don’t buy it.

Less is More

A lot of leading dermatologists have highlighted the problems with excessive bathing. Your baby doesn’t need a load of special soaps, cleansers and shampoos. You are doing more harm than good applying to many skin care products at an early age. Young babies don’t need much washing, warm water and some soap is all they require. Excessive bathing tends to dry their skin, when all they need is to be bathed a maximum of 3 times a week.

Natural Ingredients

When you are out in the supermarket, always look for natural ingredients that you recognise. You should consider buying products which are based on vegetable oils. Almond oil is great for your baby’s bottom instead of using harsh products which contain a lot of chemicals. But natural isn’t always better, there are some things that are perfectly fine to use on your baby’s skin. Just because something says natural, doesn’t always mean it is, so carefully read the label when buying.

When it comes to choosing skin care products for your baby, parents tend to get apprehensive. You should always do plenty of research on the subject and not just listen to what you hear from others. The only person you should take advice from is a trained dermatologist, a person who has studied about skin for several years. Also be careful about what you read in magazines and beauty-related websites.