How Do Rejected Applicants Appeal Their Singapore PR Application

Have you applied for Singapore permanent residency within the past year? Are you waiting for the results of the application or have received a rejection letter? If so, you may consider appealing against the rejection.

In this article, we will cover when you are eligible to appeal against your PR rejection and give you insight into whether you should do it.

When are you Eligible to Appeal Against Your Rejected Application

Rejected Singapore PR applicants are eligible to appeal against the rejection within 6 months. During this period, you will not be able to make a new Singapore PR application. As such, you can think of the 6 months period as a cool down period, during which you can make your appeal.

It is also worth noting that appealing against the rejection resets the clock on the 6 months period. As such, it is not possible to appeal against the rejection and then make a new application consecutively.

Should You Appeal the Rejection

The appeal mechanic was put in place in order to give applicants who had a strong case for acceptance but who made a critical technical mistake. For example, they may have made an error in their paperwork, and thus with it being rectified, they would stand a good chance to be accepted.

Alternatively, on the rare occasion, it is possible that prior to the previous application, the applicant may have had a glaring hole in his or her profile. If the applicant was able to fill this gap in the time since, the appeal would take into account their complete profile, thus granting them a better chance of success.

Having said that, the chances of an appeal actually paying off are slim. A high barrier of acceptance is placed on the appeal so as to discourage every rejected applicant from appealing. This is desirable for the authorities as the 6 months cool down period was created for rejected applicants to fully evaluate required future actions and to actually start on them.

As such, unless you fall under one of the two categories mentioned above, we recommend that you instead wait out the 6 months period before reapplying for Singapore PR.

How You Can Boost Your Chances Post Rejection

If you were rejected, then consider visiting a specialist apply PR Singapore firm. Getting experienced and professional advice could be exactly what you need to get past the finish line here. For example, the consultants will be able to assess your current profile and portfolio, pointing out areas of weaknesses that you will need to work on before reapplying for Singapore PR.

Furthermore, with their assistance, you can be assured that no paperwork or technical mistakes will be made during your application. This can be critical win for you as you no longer need to worry about the little details and can instead focus on presenting the best version of yourself to the assessors.