Get to Know the Facts About Child Hunger and Poverty

Hunger is the root cause of several problems in the society. It affects families below poverty line. Living below poverty line means that people do not have even basic needs like food, clothing and shelter.

Needless to say, all children go through a developmental time period where their cognitive behaviour and social outlook shapes. Food has been a persistent problem for behaviour changes in children, globally. When a child is not given proper food, their immune system creates havoc and they are more likely to get hospitalized. Throughout their life they will have weakened immune system.

Moreover, when brain is starved of vital nutrients in their growing years, kids tend to repeat classes. When you are sending a hungry child to school, you are setting them up for failure. Just imagine what social stigma and pressure they go through? This in turn damages the character and mental stability of the child. Now, to look minutely consuming adequate volume of food does not mean that children are receiving essential nutrients and vitamins for their development.

Without proper nutrition, food hunger can never be solved. Let us check the facts on child hunger and its relation with poverty:

Food and nutrition security

Do you know the World Health Organization view food and nutrition security as their topmost priority and the basic right to living? Without proper food and nutrition, children are unable to have complete health and mental development. As per the recent reports, more than 2 billion people in this world are affected by hunger.

Feeding hungry children is one of the best ways to influence learning and understanding capabilities and also it can influence standard of living in the later stages. Moreover, any disease prevention and even action of medicines to improve any disease need proper cognitive and immunity system development.

Health and hygiene

Clean water and food are important to prevent common illness. Do you know more than 1.7 million children die due to common illness because they do not have proper physical development? Children with vitamin and essential nutrients deficiency are more susceptible to diseases. Hence, food is important to break this vicious cycle of child mortality rate.


You will be surprised to know that brain needs almost about 25-27 essential vitamin, minerals and fat for proper development. If in the early growing years of the child, brain does not get proper nutrition, the child will be unable to do proper schooling. Lack of education means no employment which in turn increases the inflation rate of a country.