Colin Wayne and Redline Steel are inspiring kids to Dream Big!

Everyone wants their kids to grow up to be healthy and successful in any career they choose, and helping to guide them along that path starts in their earlier stages of life. Everything a toddler, child and teenager sees and/or interacts with will influence who they become as they grow older and older.

A role model not only to his own children, but to countless others around the country, Colin Wayne has been showing them that anything you put your mind to can be accomplished.

Colin, a young decorated US military veteran who survived a rocket attack in Afghanistan years ago, has gone on to not only rehab himself, but help grow a custom steel monogram company – Redline Steel – in Alabama from nothing to a multi-million dollar business over a few short years. And not only has he shown that with hard work and passion anything can be achieved, he has shown that once you do achieve success, giving back to those in need is just as important.

Over the course of the COVID-19 months, Colin and his company have given back millions in products to essential workers, teachers, farmers, truckers and other military men/women across the United States. His hard work and charitable ways has even caught the attention of Hollywood stars like Megan Fox, and even the White House, where President Trump even purchased one of the Redline Steel products for his own collection.

Through this all though, Colin has continued to be a loving father to his own children, who have inspired him as well. We sat down with him to find out more and why some of his products with sayings like “Dream Big” are so important to him and other big stars like Jana Kramer, who hang the items on their kids bedroom walls to help continue to influence and develop our kids on a path forward to success too…

Being a father yourself, how does that help inspire the children’s products Redline Steel offers?

Some of our most popular products offered on our website are kids-themed and specific to their hobbies and interests, which of course is also partially inspired by my children. It’s ironic because my son, Carsyn, was the catalyst in starting this business. Back in 2015, I wanted to order a customizable baseball monogram for my son as a gift. After consulting with a local manufacturer who recognized my name from my Fitness Modeling days, I eventually decided to make a deal to buy into the company. On the day, we were supposed to sign the legal documents, he never showed up, resulting in our previously agreed partnership falling through. However, I already had my mind made up to go into this business, I decided to invest my own money for equipment the following day and told the manufacturer that I would instead be a direct competitor.

Which kids-room products are your favorite right now?

The entire “Baby Animals” Collection on our website! While my daughter’s personal favorite is our beautiful “Baby Giraffe” design, I’m in love with way too many of these to only have 1 favorite. Check out our “Baby Animals” Collection below and see for yourself:

Jana Kramer recently decorated her child’s room with one of your items. How cool was that to see?

It’s an immensely wonderful feeling and encouraging sign as a business owner to see such love and admiration from those with that kind of platform and large following online.

What other celebrity parents have bought from Redline Steel for their kids?

The most recent celebrity parents that have ordered from Redline for their kids are Victor Ortiz and Megan Fox. With over 1.2 million orders, I’m confident there’s more out there, but these are our two most recent (besides Jana) that have received our products.

Once your own kids are older, are you going to have them designing items too?

As a parent, I’d rather them grow up knowing that they are the designers of their own journey in life. Teaching them to understand that they have the power to freely choose their life and avoid getting overwhelmed with the final destination. I don’t think they’d want to come work for Dad but if that’s what they want, then I guess I’d have no choice than to hire them…. after a strenuous interview process of course ☺!!!

What else do you have planned for 2020?

Continue growing and scaling the business to become the largest Home Decor company in the nation. We hope to expand further, not just within the Wall Decor Industry, but all things encompassing Home Decor. One method of creating new barriers is by aggressively pursuing acquisition deals within the next 12-24 months for product lines that align with our current customer avatar. In addition to our own goals for the website, we’re also currently structuring partnerships with a few big non-profit organizations and hope to venture further into the philanthropic space.