Wear the hat, how and why to wear it

To bring out a small side of personality through the wearing of the hat, we can say in light of the latest trends that many people have embarked on this ready-to-wear accessory.

The Casual for example this hat that gives a particular style is a great success to opt for a chic and casual look at a time.
Thanks to the fashionable Hipsters and Rappers all these accessories, hat, cap, cap came back in vogue and in force.

However, when you decide to wear the hat, rules are needed and you should never overdo it. The hat adapts to the outfit, and the way to wear it remains important, slightly leaning on the side, not too much on the back or too much on the front, the wearing of the hat is really quite an art, without forgetting that some heads are really made to wear the hat and others not, a head wear is also very important to wear a hat with class.

Among the kinds of hats very trendy and appreciated, we find:

The Tribly, a small hat with narrow edges that suits all styles of chic and sport, straight out of a George du Maurier novel, is a woman who wore it first.

The Fedora, a felt with broad edges, wants its name straight out of a play of 1882 and the incarnation of the character of Fédora Romanoff, this hat more masculine at the base quickly adapted to both sexes, it is often compared to that of the Italian brand called the Borsalino.

The capeline, the star of the 70s with a bohemian look comes to the forefront and it also adapts to different looks, with boots or sneakers, you choose!

The hat is also very fashionable and it is enough to contemplate all around us to see it. The cap has been popular for a few years, men and women have adopted it.

For the coldest temperatures and therefore for the winter, the fur cap, synthetic version essentially is also back, but it is quite difficult to wear because it is not suitable for all heads. For the summer and to protect from the sun the star must stay Panama this straw hat light and very chic. The country style straw beanie is also always to the taste of females. The turban Head Band is also a very trendy headdress that offers all kinds of styles depending on how you will tie this little turban with a wire.