Tips to wear a fashion hat?

The hat is the fashion accessory that can change a look, good or bad. To avoid the fashion faux pas, here in pictures our advice to wear capelin, borsalino, bowler and other variations, without false notes!

The hat is a versatile piece that can be as chic as bohemian. The capeline for example, very trendy in recent seasons, can also be worn chic version with boots and a camel coat, or bohemian version with a floral dress and clogs with heels.

The bowler hat is also a piece that can adapt to all styles. With a total black look and a leather jacket it takes on a rocky look, but with a slim colored and a little printed blouse it becomes girly and offbeat. In short, the hat must be combined with an outfit and can not be random.

To find the hat that fits your style and as inspiration, we have selected ideas of looks of stars who wear the headwear with taste: bohemian like Nicole Richie, rock like Kate Moss, casual like Jessica Alba or still chic like Olivia Palermo, follow the guide!