The Hat: A must-have accessory in the history of women’s fashion

The Hat has been since antiquity, an essential element of the wardrobe.

Practical first, to protect the head from rain and sun, the use of the hat was mainly reserved for men.

Women used to work on their hairstyle by adding accessories. The cap was more suitable.

In the medieval period, we see the sails and guimpes that literally enchass the hair and lengthen the silhouettes

The Renaissance period comes, when the headdresses become more proportionate but the hair is mostly always covered under veils, or simply adorned with jewels

The seventeenth century largely reveals the hair cleverly coiffed, and the capes become hooded

In the 18th century, the Bergère hat made its appearance and became a must

The nineteenth is the turning point in women’s fashion, with the creation of hats very ornate, flowery, and teeming with artifice. They carried themselves very high on the hairstyle or form more bell, covering the nape of the neck. The fashion was going well and all the ladies were competing for creativity

The twentieth century will show the hat as a way to highlight its social class and will be a sign of respect. not to wear it was inconceivable.

The emancipation of women during this period will quickly make it obsolete and it will join the fate of the corset, abandoned for practical reasons.

Today, it reappears in our wardrobes as a new trend accessory, no longer just out at weddings or to protect yourself from the cold.

He becomes a fashion accessory again, which he has always been.