The hat highlights the beauty of the woman: it’s the opposite of the veil!

What, an article on fashion on RL …!? But yes, because the hat is much more than fashion. It is our western civilization. But some want us to believe that Islamic veil, hat, or Western scarf, are the same thing. This lie is made to better pass the way in which the veil betrays our culture, and better to coax us. It does not take.

Dolce Gabbana releases a collection for veiled women: either. Boycott Gabbana and the turn will be played. No problem (I am not a client) and we will not cry (and especially not our wallets). But as a result of this article:

We can read the comment of a certain Carlos and his words annoy me enormously. What’s he saying ? Do not point the headscarves of Muslim women. Already this insensitivity to this ostentatious sign of rejecting our customs and declaring war on our civilization is scandalous. Our hats do not declare war on anyone. But, seeking to relativize, he adds: “Without going far, the nuns wear the headscarf / veil, the Christians in the beginning, and still in some conservative circles today …” no no and a thousand times no!

No to these arched arguments, found in all comments on the veil, from Muslims, dhimmis and assimilated. The hat, as above worn by Kate of Cambridge, has absolutely nothing to do with the veil. The veil is made to hide the beauty of the woman, to make her ugly, because says the Imam of Bron, “the whole body of the woman is nudity”, and another: his face is simply obscene as his sex ! …

The hat, it is made since the twelfth century to decorate, enhance, embellish the woman. The hair is far from being hidden, as in the case of the Moslems, on the contrary, and well worked in a bun, become with the hat an ornament of more. Women with short hair expressly leave hair streaking. The decorative role of the female hat is not new: In the nineteenth, he became in freedom and fantasy a fragile construction, embellished with birds, flowers, etc … more sober today, he always looks for aesthetics.

The Christian scarf? … Nothing to see either. In my childhood, fashion was squared colored silk hermes and women makeup and perfume, it was nothing austere or repelling like the veil. (Perfume and make-up are forbidden for “good muslim women” because their weak men with this signal could make a syncope, our men are definitely stronger!) The summer as soon as the exit of the mass they left in complete freedom fall the scarf and went out in bikini, sometimes topless, to swim and bask on the beach, without husbands, fathers, brothers, or guardians that besides we do not have, find anything to repeat. We can not say that this square imprisoned them like the Muslim veil! The Christian headscarf has never prevented the mix. Our mothers and grandmothers could be home alone and without a scarf with the mailman, the plumber or the cousin of passage without it being a crime.